How can Shamanic Healing help me to transform my life?


  • Do you struggle to live up to the expectations of others?
  • Do you feel truly valued by the important people in your life?
  • Are you able to express your true potential?
  • Do you feel you have undeveloped gifts and healing abilities?
  • Do your past difficulties affect your sense of well being?



Shamanism is an ancient worldwide system of personal and environmental healing. It is a connection to Spirit and core energy and a way of life that embraces the healer, seer and wisdom keeper. A shamanka is a woman sharman, a woman who has healed her past, mastered her fears, reclaimed her intuition, found her gifts and her ‘path of Spirit and heart and become a woman of power and purpose. Could this be you?


Women have been taught for ages to look outside themselves for a patriarchal divinity to rescue us, and we have lost contact with our divine feminine, who invites us to honour ourselves and care for our planet as co-creators of life. Through the ancient teachings of the women’s mysteries ‘Shamanka’ shows you how to heal past wounding’s and disappointments, with yourself and your world. You will reclaim your self worth as your feelings of disempowerment disappear. You will regain your fire, passion, courage and confidence as you find yourself at the cause of events rather than at the effect of circumstances. This is Freedom, freedom of spirit; freedom from ‘ought’s’ and ‘should’. Freedom is choice and when we realise we have choice we are empowered.

A Summary of Healing methods, including Soul Retrieval, Illumination, Spirit Extraction and more.


A Brief Description


Soul Retrieval


Soul loss aften occurs between the age of 1-10 years as a result of emotional or physical trauma, fear, sadness, fright or accident. It can also occur later in life.


The missing soul part is retrieved from the safety of the lower world along with a gift and a power animal and returned to the energy body, thus enhancing protection and energy levels.

A process is then undertaken to build a relatonship up with the parts retrieved to allow for maximum integration and benefit.The process is said to be equivalent to between 2-5 years psychotherapy, and is again, very gentle and deeply healing.




This is the core Shamanic practice, it is very gentle yet works on a very deep level.

It works by releasing heavy, toxic energy and imprints from the affected Chakra, which in turn cleanses the Luminous Energy Field (or the "Aura") which in turn boosts the body's immune function. Once the Chakra is cleared of the blocked energy, it is then "Illuminated" filled with the light of the divine, thus raising your vibration, helping you to feel free of your burdens and much lighter.


Extraction-Crystallised Energy


This process removes condensed heavy energy and other implants from the body, which maybe causing phyical ailments or energy blocks. As we progess on our healing path, we become more aware of such energy, which may appear like daggers or other weapons. Removal helps the vital energy flow of the body.


Extraction- Fluid Energy/Spirit Release


Whether we like it or not, such energies are a reality and need to be removed from the central nervous system and sent in a compassionate way to the light.

These energies are intrusive and parasitical in nature, depleting our valuable energy supply and often causing us to behave in ways which are out of character, including having negative thoughts or "chatter", Depression or Addictive Tendencies. More often than not, such energies do not intend to cause harm, they are just misplaced. Again this is a very gentle process- for all parties concerned.

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