How can Breakthrough Retreats help me with Bereavement?

There are people who seem to hardly to grieve at all. They do not cry at the funeral, avoid any mention of their loss and return to their normal life remarkably quickly. This is their normal way of dealing with loss and no harm results, but others may suffer from strange physical symptoms or repeated spells of depression over the following years. Some may not have the opportunity to grieve properly. The heavy demands of looking after a family or business may mean that there is just isn't the time.

Sometimes the problem is that the loss is not seen as a 'proper' bereavement. This happens often, but by no means always, to those who have had a miscarriage or still birth, or even an abortion. Again, frequent periods of depression may follow.

Some may start to grieve, but get stuck. The early sense of shock and disbelief just goes on and on. Years may pass and still the sufferer finds it hard to believe that the person they love is dead. Others may carry on being unable to think of anything else, often making the room of the dead person into a kind of shrine to their memory

Occasionally, the depression that occurs with every bereavement may deepen to the extent that food and drink are refused and thoughts of suicide arise. Putting meaning back into life and having a purpose is a lifeline to a different but satisfying future.

Bereavement results in many different and competing feelings of loss, anger, regret, guilt and fear. It is true that life will never be the same but that does not mean that you must give up hope completely. A Breakthrough Retreat can bring back meaning into your life, show you that you have a lot to give and a lot to receive yet.

We will try to bring back joy into your life, explore those things that will sustain and enrich you in your loss.

Do not hesitate to telephone us to see how we can help you.

If you feel a one-to-one retreat is not for you just now and you need help straightaway, if you live within travelling distance you may choose to come to our therapy rooms for bereavement counselling or consider telephone counselling. Either way we are sure we can help you through this very difficult time. The first step is always the most difficult it could be that the first step for you would be picking up the phone and contacting us.